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Meditation : Does it help?

Numerous benefits to health and psychological functioning have been linked to meditation and mindfulness. When a person incorporates meditation into their regular routine they will experience stress relief, less anxiety, and increased contentment . These are things we all strive for in this life. Take a moment to check out the short video below.

How does music help meditation ?

Understanding the science behind all of this will help increase your confidence in the practice of mediation and also provide you with a few recommendations to improve the sensations you feel during a mediation session.

Unlike popular music, meditation music has been carefully crafted to fit certain meditation practices and provide as much sensory value as possible.

Basic meditation music simply provides a way for an individual to go deeper with their meditation by adding a new layer to their experience.

Scientific exploration in meditation music has been going on for many years now, providing us with data and insight into how this affects the brain’s activity and mental health of the individual.

Where can I find music to meditate to ?

Meditative Souls offers a number of ways for you to connect to and listen to meditation music no matter where you are. Find us across all streaming music platforms and even on YouTube and Tik Tok.

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